How The Great Mix Came About

As an experienced bartender for 20 years I found one of the most time consuming drinks to make was a quality Bloody Mary. What I needed was a flavorful ready-made Bloody Mary Mix that was bold yet pleasing to the taste. After years of experimenting with numerous concoctions I finally developed one that satisfied both my high standards for a quality mix, and one that was pleasurable for the more discriminating patron. With my unique ingredients precisely blended I felt that I now had a drink that would satisfy even the most particular customer.

Making The Elixir

With encouragement from my friends and family I decided to market my Bloody Mary Mix. They all felt there was a call for my well-thought of beverage. With this encouragement tucked away I began to manufacture my own mix. I obtained the necessary licenses and built a manufacturing place that would meet all the stringent state regulations. Within an amazingly short period of time, the kitchen-manufacturing site was ready to produce my new and exciting Bloody Mary Mix.

History Of The Name

Being in the Bar/Restaurant business for many years my mix became popular and steady. Customers would often say, “Whitney how about one of your famous BM’s? This humorous Interrogatory became a standard request and thus was born the expression “Whitney’s Famous BM. Although the expression meant little to me at the time, my sister told me that she would love to have one of my Famous BM’s. Lightening struck–we looked at each other and knew that a catch slogan was just revealed–Have you had your BM today”?

So Many Uses

My special Bloody Mary Mix is not just limited to being an exquisite accompaniment for vodka, pickle and a stalk of celery. Adventurous and creative cooks are using my rich blend in spaghetti, chili, and soups. A host of other uses are possible and its limits are only the limits of one’s imagination.

Who Uses Whitney’s Bloody Mary Mix

This great mix has 11 spices that are carefully united with just the right thickness of tomato sauce making for a perfect Bloody Mary. This has not gone unnoticed by bar owners and retail stores across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Sales are brisk and expanding weekly. Bartenders are finding it convenient to use Whitney’s Bloody Mary Mix; all they have to do is add vodka and garnish–and bingo– they have a hearty drink that dances on the most discerning palette. I would like to thank all friends, relatives, acquaintances and others who supported me through the years and drank my pride: WHITNEY’S FAMOUS BLOODY MARY MIX.